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Our Mission

Offering creative solutions and collaborative partnership with business, community and economic development leaders to move ideas forward into action.

How we help businesses

If you are a business struggling to recruit and retain workforce, or a community leader driving population growth, you know how difficult it is to gain momentum with historic low unemployment, underdeveloped infrastructure, housing and childcare shortages and a rapidly changing digital economy. It's time for fresh ideas and a new perspective on how we address and overcome these barriers to economic success for all. If you're ready to move forward with a new approach, contact Avance today!

How we help candidates

Are you looking for:

  • New career opportunities?
  • A way forward after losing a job or home?
  • Job stability with a reputable company?
  • Higher wages and benefits?
  • Safe communities, good schools for your family?

Your Opportunity to Move Forward Begins Here!

4 signs your region is ready to move forward

  1. Local leaders envision a future that includes economic success for all—communities, companies and candidates—and are ready to invest in workforce development.
  2. Key employers are willing to utilize new recruitment models and methods and can move quickly through the hiring process.
  3. Existing or developing housing can support community growth and new residents.
  4. The region’s public-private partnerships are working and have a track record of success.

It's time to move forward!

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Jennifer Andrade - Avance USA

Jennifer Andrade

Founder & President
Bilingual Workforce Strategist

At Avance USA, we serve as a strategic workforce consulting partner, providing turn-key services for development of new talent pipelines, recruitment marketing, relocation, and workforce and community integration. We focus on a different approach to community development.

Are you ready to move forward?
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